Luxury Cat House For Your Cat


You deserve the best of all, and so does your pet cat! Instead of keeping them on your bed, or in a corner of your room, it might be a good idea to get your cat their own luxury cat house. It gives them a feeling of comfort and freedom as they have their own dedicated space to lay around and have fun by themselves. However, choosing the right cat house may seem to be a tad bit difficult.

Check out how you can buy the perfect cat house, and why Ainituvin is the best shopping destination for your cat house and other pet living spaces.

Aivituvin Cat House: Solution to All These

Look at the reasons that make Aivituvin cat houses a great choice for your feline friends.

1. A Heated Outdoor Cat House Provides Four-Season Comfort

Depending on where you live, the weather might get pretty cold during winters, or too hot during summer. The perfect cat house should have proper insulation to keep it warm during winters, and prevent it from heating up too much in summers.

2. Ensure the House is Waterproof

A cat house should be made from waterproof materials. If water accumulates during rain, or during wet cleaning, it might lead to damages, which no one wants. So, it is better to always choose a cat house which is wither made from waterproof materials, or is coated with waterproof materials.

3. How Many Entry And Exit Points Are There

Cats often want to play around, and go in and out from various entrances and exits.  As such, an ideal cat house should have quite a few entries and exit points for them to roam around and pass time.

4. Will it Accommodate the Size of Your Cat

A cat house should be big enough to accommodate your cat. Since some species of pet cats are larger than others, it would be better to check the dimensions of the cat house you are intending to buy before you actually buy it. A cat house should have enough space for the cat to move around, and have enough space to place its food and litter.

5. How Portable is It

If you travel a lot, and have no provision of keeping your cat at home, you should opt in for a portable cat house. Most times, they seem closed off, but it is better than choosing a model which cannot be moved easily.

6. Your Cat Will Love its New Home

Your cat will be spending quite some time in its new cat house. So, it should be something that feels comfortable and safe for them. If they do not love their new home, cats often tend to avoid it.

This Gift Can Make Your Cat/Cats Happy

Cats really love having their own cat houses. It would be the perfect gift for every cat. They will learn how to manage their own litter as well as stay in comfort and safety. Further, the issue of cleaning up after them becomes easier, as cats tend to keep their territories clean.


You can now understand why cat houses are so important. They let cats live in peace and comfort, as well as give them a sense of security. Cat houses give them a sense of territory. Further, once they get used to it, taking care of cats and cleaning after them becomes a really easy task. So, visit Aivituvin to get a cat house today.


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