What Types of IoT Gateways are Available at Geniatech?


Whether you’re searching for an entryway for savvy home mechanization, modern observing, or distant resources the board, Geniatech has an answer for meeting your necessities. With the fast development of IoT gadgets and applications, picking the right passage is vital to guarantee consistent availability and proficient information transmission.

Geniatech’s IoT entryways are outfitted with cutting-edge highlights like secure correspondence conventions, information encryption, and distant administration capacities to guarantee the most elevated level of safety and unwavering quality. Whether you need a door for a limited scale sending or a huge scope modern application, you can visit page of Geniatech as it has different scope of choices to help your IoT framework.

Available IoT Gateways at Geniatech

Internet of Things (IoT) doors assume a critical part in associating gadgets, sensors, and frameworks to the cloud for information examination and control. Geniatech offers an extensive variety of IoT doors to meet different network and usefulness necessities.

GTW361 Multi-Protocol Industrial IoT Gateway

The GTW361 Multi-convention Modern IoT Door is constructed utilizing the NXP i.MX6ULL conspire, offering a recurrence range from 792MHz to 900MHz. It accompanies a standard 512MB memory, with choices for 256MB or 1GB, and an 8GB eMMC Streak, with a 4GB choice accessible.

The passage upholds IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n principles for remote networks and highlights a double LAN network interface intended for network associations and modern control applications. It is outfitted with different modern connection points, including CAN, RS485, RS232, Di/DO, and hand-off interfaces.

GTW351 Smart Home Commercial IoT Gateway

The GTW351 Savvy Home Business IoT Door, controlled by the MT7628 conspires with a recurrence of up to 580MHz, and offers streamlined memory utilization to limit asset utilization. It upholds IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n and 802.11ac principles, coordinating ZigBee, WiFi, and BLE remote organization conventions.

With WAN and LAN network interfaces, it works with home organization directing. The framework runs on the developed, stable, and extensible OpenWRT stage, highlighting remarkable programming calculations for upgraded network security.

GTW410 Series High-Performance Industrial Gateway

The GTW410 Series Superior Execution Modern Passage includes a Qualcomm APQ8016E processor, flaunting a quad-center ARM Cortex-A53 engineering with speeds up to 1.2GHz. It comes outfitted with enormous limit stockpiling choices (1G/2G+8G/16G), guaranteeing steady and unrivaled execution.

GTW810L Industrial Internet of Things Edge Gateway

The GTW810L Modern Web of Things Edge Passage is fueled by NXP’s most recent age-installed Multi-center application processor, the i.MX8M is Smaller than normal (A53+M4), conveying outstanding sound, voice, and video handling capacities while keeping a low-power plan.

GTW360 Linux Zigbee Gateway

The GTW360 Linux Zigbee Passage uses the NXP i.MX6ULL plot, including a solitary Arm CortexA7 center with a recurrence of up to 792MHz. It offers 512MB of memory (with discretionary 256MB/1GB) and 8GB eMMC Streak stockpiling. Outfitted with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac double band radio, it upholds virtual coordinated double band activity.

GCP21 86 Type Smart Gateway with Touch Panel

The GCP21 is an across-the-board brilliant home control board including an ARM Cortex-A7 Double center 1.2GHz computer chip. It flaunts a 4-inch HD touchscreen and adaptable actual scene buttons, taking into consideration simple control of brilliant gadgets and admittance to numerous scene modes with a single tick activity.

MSE32IM Wireless Sensor Data Acquisition Box

The Sensor-Box MSE32IM remote sensor information securing box works with wired and remote meter perusing, sensor information transmission, and more through conventions like Z-Wave, ZigBee3.0, BLE5.0, LTE CAT1, and LoRa terminal. It additionally upholds conventional wired conventions like M-Transport.

Final Wording

Geniatech offers an assortment of IoT entryways intended to meet the novel requirements of various enterprises and applications. Whether you’re searching for a reduced and practical arrangement or an all the more impressive and adaptable choice, Geniatech takes care of you. With their great items and state-of-the-art innovation, you can trust Geniatech to assist you with effectively carrying out your Web of Things projects.


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