Five Things to Learn from Ochako Uraraka


In the manga series, My Hero Academy, ochako uraraka is one of the main acts. Like almost every hero in the series, ochako uraraka is also a student on the verge of becoming a professional heroine. Ochacho is a very close friend of Izuku Midoriya, who She eventually began to fall in love with at some point in the manga. Ochacho was an easily loveable character in the movie, which was voiced by Ayane Sakura in the Japanese version of the series and Luci Christian in the English version.

Ochacho was always a happy person who had brown eyes which were a little wide. Her happy nature was more or less the reason why it always seemed like she was smiling because of the permanent blush on her face. She had bob hair on all through the series, and this hair had some tiny bangs in front with some longer bangs at both sides of her face. Usually, she wears a costume similar to the navy outfit fitted to her body, but this time she had a pink design on her shoulders, making her unique. From a point of view, ochako uraraka may have gone into the academy to become a hero for the wrong reason; money. But if we are going, to be honest, she is from a humble background with no exposure to money, so if being a heroine will make her rich, she is willing to become one. Other people would instead do criminal and dubious activities to get that money. Aside from her goodwill, there is a lot of lessons one can pick up from the personality of ochacho uraraka.

She is lively and open-minded

Merely seeing ochacho’s face should already make you smile. Without doing anything, her face already has a permanent blush which makes her look happy. This look also translates into the real personality of ochacho. She is usually happy and ready to learn from anyone at any time. She is the type of person to make a whole place come alive with her presence. Her happiness sometimes gets the better part of her, causing her to overreact while showing her happiness – resulting in extreme facial expressions. But we can easily link these facial expressions to her closeness with izuku Midoriya, from whom she learnt a lot.

She doesn’t lose focus

Ochacho is that lively person that has conversations with you like you already know each other, even at first meetings. But when it is time to get focused and determined, she will take it to the extreme. For someone who is used to the exciting and exciting nature of ochacho, it will feel very weird and intimidating. The first reason for the weird behaviour is it is never expected; the other reason is it usually happens during competitions. To beat a focused ochacho in a focused competition mode, you need a lot of confidence to beat her.


Because she comes from a poor background, ochacho uraraka decided to become a hero to make enough money to ease life for her parents. If that doesn’t inspire you, you may need to reread this article to understand some lessons to learn from ochacho.


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