How to Style Your Lace Front Wigs


Styling human lace front wigs are as simple as bleaching the knots, applying them correctly, and trimming them to your taste. Human hair is the most common material for lace front wigs, which gives the impression that the wearer’s hair is growing out of the scalp. These wigs can be fashioned similarly to natural hair with some prep work.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at styling lace front wigs or just starting to investigate your options, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

First off, Baby Hairs!

Most lace front wigs have wispy, delicate front hairs. Comb hair over the forehead. They may reach the brow or top lip.

When grooming baby hairs, remove your wig. Use an elastic band or tuck the wig behind your ears if it’s long enough.

Baby hairs can use wig adhesive. Apply hair gel to your hairline to prevent this.

Comb baby hairs to the hairline. Your nascent hairs should curve. Apply to your fine hairline.

Hairspray keeps baby hairs from flopping. Avoid hairspray. Use your finger to smooth hairspray.

Quick Up Do’s

Love is in the Buns

Make a bun or half-ponytail. While lace front wigs don’t look like one in front, they may appear from behind. Leave enough hair down, even in a bun or ponytail, to cover your nape. Section your hair from your ears down into a bun or ponytail.


Make a ponytail. Wear a low, sleek ponytail if you want the wig to conceal your nape. Before you start, tuck any clumps of hair behind your ears. Make sure a hair tie stays put.

Save room by half-bunning your wig. Space buns reveal the back of the neck. Brush and tie your hair over your ears like a half-up ponytail.


French braid. French braids are attractive for short or off-the-shoulder hair. Make a zigzag cut on your head and separate your wig. Start braiding at the crown of your head, adding more coats as you go.

Be Safe with Heat Tools!

Dry the Wig

Before wearing, dry and curl your wig. Wet wigs shouldn’t be heated. Curl or damp flatiron hair, including wigs. Air-dry a wig or use a low-heat coat drier.

Heat shields stop burns. Heat protectant keeps your wig glossy. Heat-protect your wig before using a blow dryer or straightener. Cosmetics retailers sell heat shields.

Heat-Protectant the Wig

Flat irons are stylish. Flat iron your hair in 1-inch portions at low heat below 300 °F. Flat irons define and polish wigs. Straightening enhances your wig’s length and style: straight hair suits, bobs, and A-lines.

A flat iron may create waves and volume—Twist 1-inch (2.5 cm) sections of hair around the flat iron.

Brushing Loosens Curls

Curling irons smooth curls. Curling irons may curl wigs into ringlets. Low heat curling iron 2.5 cm hair 5-6 times can curl the wig under preliminary heat. Hairspray prolongs wig curls.

Final Words

You can wear a lace front wig in several different styles. Wear it using tape, elastic bands, or adhesive.


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