Hexagonal, Kite, Oval & Pear Shape: Analyzing Different Forms of the Ring for the Hand


A ring is the symbol of two souls, a bond, and a marriage. Shape is one of the most critical aspects that determine the design and appearance of the ring and is important for engagement rings. However, round and square shapes have always been used, but new shapes are also being adopted, such as hexagonal, kite, oval, and pearl shapes. Explore More shapes of rings for engagement and wedding ceremonies. A few of the shapes are explained below.

Kite Shape:

The kite shape is for the non-conformists, for the people who are willing to take a risk. The kite-shaped engagement ring is unique and has an extended shape with sharp edges, which makes it look more daring and elegant. This shape is selected by people who like to be different and who want everyone to notice them. The kite shape is rather stretched and this feature may cause the fingers to look longer and slimmer, which is also a plus. The design is quite different from any other dress, and this makes it unique in the market, and any bride-to-be who is an adventurer and fashionable will opt for it.

Hexagonal Shape:

Hexagonal rings are modern rings and are particularly preferred for engagement rings as they are geometrically precise and modern. This six-sided shape is perfect for those who love simplicity and design with fewer angles and curves. Because of the hexagonal structure, the light that enters the stone bounces around and thus makes the stone appear even more brilliant. Further, the angular faces of a hexagonal diamond or gemstone reflect light well, so the ring glitters no matter the angle. This shape is perfect for those who would like to have something different from the ordinary but at the same time, something that will not go out of style.

Oval Shape:

Oval-shaped engagement rings are regarded as both conventional and fashionable. The oval diamond or gemstone appears even more sparkling and brilliant when it reflects light because of its elongated shape. This form goes well with both traditional and modern ring designs because it is so versatile. Oval cuts are also well-known for making stones appear larger than they are, which a very cost-effective effect is. Those who like classic designs with a dash of contemporary style are drawn to its exquisite and delicate appearance.

Pear Shape:

The pear shape which is also referred to as the teardrop shape is a blend of the round and the marquise cuts. This shape is rather elegant and it can be linked to the female gender given that it has a rather special and inconspicuous outline that resembles a teardrop. The engagement ring is pear-shaped to create an illusion that the finger is longer when worn making it appear more classy and slender. Its shape is a plus since it allows the ring to be worn with the pointed part either upwards or downwards. This shape is suitable for anyone who would like to wear a ring that is unique and classic and that symbolizes love and sophistication.


Choosing an engagement ring is a very private process and the style of the ring is one of the main aspects of the ring design. From the hexagonal cut that is so intricate and modern to the kite cut, the timeless oval cut, the elegance of the pear cut, or the daring coffin cut each one is a way of saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I do’. Such free forms are easily acceptable by people so that they can choose a ring that is different and can hold a certain meaning.


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