How May Genius Weft Hair Extensions Be Colored Or Dyed?


For individuals looking for premium, natural-looking hair extensions, Genius Weft offers a state-of-the-art option. Crafted from 100% human hair, these extensions feature a unique weave design that is thin, flexible, and soft. Their inventiveness is reflected in the epithet “genius” that describes them. With its ability to blend in seamlessly with different hair types, this design provides a flexible style experience.

These extensions are well-known for being resilient and can be regularly washed and styled much like natural hair. You have to go url to learn more about genius weft hair extensions. Genius Weft Hair Extensions give a chic and undetectable touch to a gorgeous and natural look, whether you’re looking to add volume, length, or a dash of glitz.

The Procedure of Color or Dye Genius Weft Hair Extensions

Genius Weft Hair Extensions must be carefully dyed or colored to achieve the best possible effects without causing damage to the extensions. The following is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you with the procedure:

Choosing the Correct Hair Dye:

It’s important to choose a premium hair dye that is made especially for human hair extensions before you start coloring your hair. Choose a brand that is well-known for producing vivid, long-lasting effects and that offers a large selection of colors. As ammonia can harm the hair’s cuticle and cause dryness and breakage, be sure the hair color is ammonia-free.

Preparing the Extensions:

Start by detangling the Genius Weft Hair Extensions with a wide-tooth comb. Comb through the strands gently to get rid of any tangles or knots. To get rid of any product buildup or oils, wash the extensions again with a moisturizing shampoo that doesn’t include sulfates. Before starting the coloring process, let the extensions air dry thoroughly.

Conducting a Strand Test:

It is advisable to conduct a strand test before applying the dye to the complete set of extensions. Apply the color to the directions on the product to a tiny portion of the extensions’ hair. This test will make sure the extensions react effectively to the dye and assist you in determining the processing time needed to achieve the appropriate color.

Choosing the Right Color:

Take into account both your desired overall look and your natural hair color when deciding on a color for your Genius Weft Hair Extensions. If you want to make a modest alteration, try for a hue that is similar to your existing hair color. You can choose a complementary or contrasting color for a more striking change.

Applying the Hair Color:

To guarantee an even and comprehensive application of the color, divide the Genius Weft Hair Extensions into manageable portions. Apply the dye from top to bottom using a color brush or applicator, being careful to evenly saturate each strand. Using a fine-tooth comb, go through the extensions to disperse the dye and get rid of any extra material.

Processing Time:

Adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested processing time while using hair dye. It is imperative to adhere to the recommended duration to prevent any harm to the extensions. Remember that color processing may differ for human hair extensions from natural hair, so keep a close eye on the extensions while they’re being processed.

Cleaning and Conditioning:

Rinse the extensions well in lukewarm water until the water runs clear once the processing time is over. Apply a sulfate-free conditioner to restore moisture and soften the hair. Before rinsing again, let the conditioner stay for a few minutes. Use a gentle cloth to pat the extensions dry rather than vigorously rubbing them.

Style and upkeep:

Style the Genius Weft Hair Extensions as you like after coloring them. To avoid damage, use heat styling equipment on a low to medium setting. To keep the color and health of the colored extensions intact, use moisturizing and conditioning products in your hair care regimen.

End Summary

Adding color or dying Genius Weft Hair Extensions can be a satisfying method to customize your appearance and get the color you want. Results that are vivid and long-lasting can be obtained by selecting the appropriate dye, correctly prepping the extensions, and according to the instructions. To preserve the health and beauty of your colored extensions, don’t forget to take proper care of them using the right products.


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