How to Add Lubricants to your roll up garage door


Your roll up door parts are the most important component of the garage door. Without its features, the door itself is useless because it can not stand; talk less of functioning. A roll up door is an excellent choice in your home and at your office. In your home, these doors are perfect for garage doors. They help you secure the room and ensure that your business is not out to the public. In the office, they provide protection to the goods and items kept within. Either way, a roll up door is as good as its maintenance. Yes, it is just a mere door, but without proper maintenance, your roll up door will soon get spoiled.

The first sign of poor maintenance for your roll up door is noise. When your roll-up door is new, you will easily open the door without struggle and friction. But when the door is poorly maintained, you start to hear loud noises, and opening and closing it will now require a bit of force. These loud noises are not only a sign that the door is poorly maintained; they are also a sign of the door getting bad. You may experience bad springs, which may cause the door to close at high speed that can injure you. Also, the door may not close properly, exposing the main purpose of the door. Maintaining a roll up door is an easy process that requires only a little time. A simple process of adding lubricating oils to the rollers is more than enough. Therefore, when your doors are getting bad, it is mainly due to negligence on your part. Lubricating your garage doors is a straightforward procedure. Here is all you have to do;

Close the door properly

The first thing you want to do is close your garage door. Before closing it, ensure you are inside the building, so you have access to the other components. This means that you need help on the outside to help open the door when you are done. If the door is powered by electricity, you will need to disconnect all electrical components.

Clean the door tracks with a clothing

Your roll up door moves up and down easily because of the tracks. These tracks are the pathway for your doors when they are moving. You can not add lubricants to the tracks because it will make them move too fast. Instead, you can clean out all the dirt that may cause obstructions.

Vacuum out other dirt and debris

After cleaning the tracks, you want to clear every other part of the roll up door that has any dirt. A vacuum will come in handy at this point.

Use grease made out of lithium

The type of oil to lubricate your door is made out of lithium or special lubricants. Do not use your cooking oil or any other oils.

Lubricate all moving parts

The plan is to reduce friction during movement by lubricating all parts that move. Start by opening the door and lubricating the hinge; then you can add Lubricants to the rollers of the door. After that, add Lubricants to the rail top and the spring. When you are done with the process, test your door carefully.


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