How to untangle Necklaces

Long, wide chain, arranged in the letter S shape, isolated on a white background.

Buying an acordoi cuban link chain may be a dream come true for anyone who loves Cuban necklaces. These necklaces are not only beautiful, but they are also a silent way of saying you are rich without saying a word. Not everyone can own a Cuban, but when you own one, the Cuban becomes your best friend. You will want to wear the necklace to every location and event, regardless of the theme. The necklace is versatile, as it can synchronize with different outfits, giving you freedom per event. Because of its features, the way you will use a Cuban link chain will differ from any regular chain.

As much as possible, you will try your best to clean and maintain your Cuban link necklace as at when due so that it can stand the test of time. A very annoying thing you will never want is your Cuban or any other necklace getting tangled. Necklace tangling is a sign of the user neglecting good storage for your necklace. Because you do not have a place to store the necklace, you drop it anywhere when you put it off. Sometimes, the necklaces get tangled, and it can be a very frustrating experience. If your necklace comes in small sizes, then untangling it will be a daunting experience. This guide will explain how to untie your necklace from any tangles. You will still need a tiny bit of patience to untangle the necklace, but it would not be hard as doing it with the traditional method. Let’s go!

Create enough space for work

One of the main reasons your necklaces get tangled in the first place is poor space management. Because everywhere is filled with necklaces, you have to squeeze one to get into other places. Therefore, when you want to untangle your necklace, the first step is to create enough room to work. The necklace untangling process is not too complex, but you require space.

Remove the necklace from its hook

If your necklace entanglement happens on your neck, then it is okay to Unhook it easily and work on it. However, if it occurs where you stored your necklace, your necklace remains hooked. The first thing to do is to make sure the necklace is not hooked. That way, you can have a clear view of the necklace tangled.

Stretch chain to full length possible

When your necklace is unhooked, then it should be able to stretch out in a straight line. The straight line is impossible because of the entanglement. However, try to stretch the necklace as long as possible. This should make the location of the entanglement more evident so you can work on it.

Apply oils to the necklace entanglement

The idea is to lubricate the entanglement so as to make it easy to remove. With a clear view, you can use baby oil or any oil to that exact spot. After this lubrication, you can use a needle to untangle it carefully. After that, remember to clean the necklace of the oil properly. Your oil may have some oily stains, so try to use a cloth to clean it properly.


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