How to Store a Honey Blonde Wig?


Wigs are perhaps one of the most interesting ways that people have decided to adorn their hair and enhance their beauty. Not only does it offer an excellent way to improve your beauty, but it is also an excellent accessory for people who want to go to weddings, exclusive events, or any other important events.

A person can buy countless types of wigs, ranging from natural hair wigs to synthetic wigs to even transparent wigs that are perfect for any occasion. Another type of wig that exists is a honey blonde wig, ideal for people who want to wear a wig and style their hair.

A honey blonde wig can suit any type of person, and it can not only enhance your beauty but also make you look and feel beautiful. Therefore, it is important to know how to store a honey blonde wig to be used for as long as possible.

Ways to Store a Wig 

Now that we have gotten through the basics of how honey blonde wigs can help style hair, we will look into ways to store a wig. This reason is not only important but is highly necessary if you want your wig to stay safe from any potential harm.

Store Out of Sunlight 

Honey blonde wigs are wigs that are fragile and take a lot of effort to take care of. To maintain the honey-blonde hair of the wig, it can be tough, as the wig needs to be stored in an area that is rid of direct sunlight. The reason for that is that the hotness from the sun and the rays can cause the color to fade, and the wig ends up being lighter in color than needed.

The sunlight can separate not only that, the wig’s hair strand from the roots, and it can end up being weaker than before, reducing the lifespan of the wig. To make sure that does not happen, make sure to store the wig in a cool, dry place free of sunlight.

Store Them in Separate Boxes

Another easy way to store your wigs is to have separate boxes for wigs that are labelled. For example, name a box “honey blonde wigs” and keep the appropriate wig into the parcel to be safe from all-weather elements such as rain, cold, humidity, and many other climatic conditions.

Storing the wigs in a box will help them stay clear from any humidity and help retain their original color.

Use a Mannequin Head

Perhaps the best way to store a wig is to make sure that you buy a separate wig stand or a mannequin head so that the wig can rest on a circular surface. Not only does it allow the wig to properly retain its shape, but it allows it to never fade or get rid of its color.


So, with everything considered, honey blonde wigs are the most recent trend these days, and to ensure that they are kept clean, everyone should know how to store them properly.


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