The Main Components Of A Necklace


Engraved necklaces in the UK are very common in the jewelry market. Engraved necklaces are those that have words, phrases, dates, and quotes engraved onto the metal used in making necklaces. The metals used in the jewel making industry include gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. These metals are used because they are strong, durable, and can withstand wear and tear. However, cheaper necklaces are manufactured from cheap metals like steel are common because they are easy to acquire. Currently, necklaces are used for beauty. However, traditionally, necklaces were used in ceremonies like funerals, weddings, and rituals.

Components of a necklace

  • The Band

This is the part of the necklace that is wrapped around the wearer’s neck. This part of the necklace is mostly made from precious metals that can withstand the constant pressure and tension subjected to the band. The band is also known as the chain or the cord. It usually comes with a clasp depending on the size. Necklaces with long cords do not have clasps as they can easily be worn over the head. Types of necklace bands;

  1. Marine/anchor bands- these are majorly similar to those that are used in the marine to connect to anchors. The anchor band consists of interlocking ovals with bars at the center. This type of band is strong and more durable than the latter. They are more common among men than women.
  2. Ball bands- these are bands that consist of a series of small beads that are linked together to create chains. The balls can also be connected very close together or with small spaces in between to allow for movement. This type of chain is commonly worn by women because of the delicate nature
  3. Box bands- this type of band consists of square links that are connected. The connections make a continuous smooth chain. Necklaces with this type of band are worn by both men and women
  4. Curb bands- this is one of the more standard designs of chains. They consist of interconnected yet uniform links that are designed to lay flat whether or not they are interlocked. They are common among women and men as well.
  5. Robe bands- this one is made up of several metals that are connected using twisting patterns that resemble that of an actual rope. Perhaps this is the most common type of band among women as it also happens to be the most beautiful.
  • The Attachment

This is the part of the necklace that hangs from the cord. The attachments come in varying types. Some of these types include pendants, lockets, amulets, and precious rocks like a diamond, pearls of rubies. The attachments are mostly made from different materials to those used to make the cord. However, they can also be from the same material. Necklaces with attachments made from precious metals like diamond tend to be more costly than the latter.


There are several necklace styles, some of which were developed centuries ago. Some of these styles include Sautoir, pendant, festoon, graduated, and lavaliere, to name a few. Each of these styles differs in cost.

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